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Reasons for buying a humidifier may vary. Long reliable service and operation, along with ease of maintenance should be taken in to consideration when buying a new humidifier.
As your heating plant warms your home during the cold winter months, the moisture in your home is diminished, leaving you with dry static air to contend with. This may not only be uncomfortable, but also unhealthy. From dry skin, nose bleeds, static electricity, and being very difficult on those with asthma or other like breathing problems. Low humidity may also have a negative and damaging result on your home: fine wood furniture, wood floors & staircases, doors, artwork and much more. Your home may also feel cooler, prompting you to turn up the thermostat to feel more comfortable. Which in turn will also raise your heating cost. To compensate for the lack humidity, a whole house humidifier may be installed to your heating & cooling system to put moisture back into your home.
We at All Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning believe that Aprilaire offers, if not the best, one of the best humidifiers on the market today. They are cost effective, easily maintained and very user friendly. Requiring no tools for normal maintenance.( Model 360 will require the removal of 2 phillip screws.) In approximately 15- 20 minutes of service, and the cost of the water panel($15- $25) normal maintenance is complete. This can be easily done by the home owner, or incorporated into a service agreement with All Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning.
*****Humidifiers not properly maintained can cause damage to your heating plant, and will be unhealthy due to mold, and other organisms growing in a wet moist environment.
Aprilaire humidifiers can easily be matched to your home by size and application. The most commonly used models are the 360, 550, 600 and the 700. These 4 models work basicly the same. The water is supplied from a nearby water pipe using a saddle valve. As the humidity level drops, the humidistat turns on (opens) the water solenoid. The water flows over the water panel while the fan blows across the panel humidifying your home. The water not evaporated will drain out, leaving no standing or stagnant water.
The Model 360 is a self contained unit with a fan blade, motor, water solenoid and a transformer/relay package. This application requires a 120 volt circuit, a low voltage wire to the humidistat and a 1/4 inch water supply. This model mounts through a wall and does not require ductwork. Which makes this humidifier ideal for homes that have boilers and baseboard heat. Proper drainage is required. The M# 360 is rated at 4000 square feet.
The Model 600 is a by-pass type humidifier, using the fan from the heat plant. The positive and negative sides of the blower pushes or pulls the air through the water panel. Therefore the humidifier can be mounted on the return or the supply duct. A 6 inch round pipe will need to be connected from the humidifier to the duct. There are no external fans in this model. A low voltage humidistat will need to be wired into the heating circuit of your heat plant and proper drainage connections made. Rated at 4000 square feet.
This model is a power humidifier that works similar to the model 360. The 700 mounts on the supply(plenum side) or the return duct of your heating plant. Like the 360, the 700 is self contained having its own transformer/relay package, fan motor and fan blade. It will require a 120 volt circuit wired to operate only when the heat plants blower is running. This model will also require a low voltage humidistat and the proper drainage. Rated at 4200 square feet.

There are many applications and needs for humidifiers, and we only mentioned a few. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call at 703-819-5868. You can also E mail us at Making your home comfortable All Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning.